Teri Green Olympiad Junior 2015 Sample Questions with Answers at teriin.org

By | October 9, 2019
Teri Green Olympiad Junior 2015 Sample Question Papers & Answers with Syllabus Structure. What do you want? Sample question papers with Answers and Syllabus with Structure for your Teri Green Olympiad Junior exam 2015? Lots of students who are studying in 4th/5th class have registered themselves through their schools want to start their exam preparation. So, they search for the Syllabus with structure. They can get the syllabus with structure in the concern link.

The Green Olympiad Junior exam paper will have 50 multiple choice questions. There will be no negative marks for the wrong answers. The examination of Green Olympiad will be held on 10th December 2015. Students who have interest to participate in the Green Olympiad Junior can register themselves through their schools upto the last date. The last date for registering for Green Olympiad Junior exam will be on 15th October 2015.

The syllabus covers the Environmental Studies topics as per your text books of 4th or 5th in which are you studying. You can download the pdf format sample questions and answers via the concern link. Go to the direct link which are given below to get sample questions and answers.

Sample Questions at http://www.teriin.org/olympiad/pdf/sample-ques-go-junior.pdf
Answer Key at http://www.teriin.org/olympiad/pdf/sample-ques-answer-keys2014.pdf

More info at http://www.teriin.org/olympiad/index.php